It’s just not happening!

Well I keep saying I will start blogging and I make plans then I never follow through. It’s driving me nuts. I’m not this flaky.

But I am finally about to be able to start back up with no issues. Well maybe not none but at least minimal.

As many of you know I’ve been very bust getting ready for my wedding. That is finally done with. I am Mrs. Wenzlick now. You’d think that’d slow the crazy down right? And I’d be able to start writing right?

Nope definitely not the case. I’m still very busy because through all that I started my phlebomy technician classes. Well for the most part those are over. Now I’m just finishing up my last week of my externship next week.

All in all as much as I really miss writing I’ve still had a blast and I am so excited for all I’ve done from the middle of last spring when I stopped writing to now as I want to start back up.

Now I just have to keep up with it. 🙂

Talk soon,



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