Phlebotomist or Vampire?

Fine line? We both “suck” the blood out, we both want warm blood, and neither want to lose any.

Sometimes I wonder if a vampire has it better. When watching television you never see a vampire miss. They never have to feel around for the vein. and how many times do you see a vampire who has someone tell them no? Then again they are mind controlling the person. šŸ™‚ And better yet they never have their people fight back or move around. Again though they are using mind control.

So they may have it easier but at least I’m not taking the choice. šŸ™‚

It’s always funny to joke around at work about how I’m the resident vampire. And how my vampireism is legal and doesn’t get me hunted down by mobs.

Do any of you have funny stories? Being the “vampire” or being the “victim”?


Talk soon,



4 thoughts on “Phlebotomist or Vampire?

  1. As a horror author, I have a few opinions on the matter. Phlebotomists have had to repeatedly stick me. They say I’m so healthy, my blood doesn’t run very long so they can rarely get enough the first time. I assume a vampire would go deep enough it would only need one big bite to do the trick.

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    • marenasblog94 says:

      I hate when I can’t get all the tubes filled with one poke. But surprisingly many people have good veins at first then it’s as if their Vein get tired and take a nap.
      But I agree vampires probably only need 1 big bite. Plus I’d assume they’d use one of the 4 major veins to help. šŸ˜ƒ

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