#LoveMe Challenge

A photo of myself!

Today I should post a photo of myself. But just because I share a photo doesn’t mean I’ll love myself more. Not even if I post my absolute favorite. Or the one I feel and look most attractive in.

So how do I let myself love myself more?

Well I guess lets start with finding my absolute favorite photo.

A day I felt absolutely beautiful was on my wedding day. However I’d never want to feel like that is my only day I was ever gorgeous. I want to think of every normal day as if I’m beautiful .

I want to love myself every day. Even on the ugly days and the bad days.

So I guess if I had to find a photo I’d have to pick this one….


I think this is my favorite photo. I used minimal make-up and just threw my hair up. I had a fun day and enjoyed my smile.

Looking back to this day I remember enjoying my time with my mom, sister, best friend and her mom (who is like a second mom). We went shopping, had lunch and dinner. Found things for my wedding and just hung out as friends and didn’t have a worry in the world. Those are my favorite days.

Those should always be the ones I love my most. I get to spend time having fun along with people I love. The ones who show me love.

I think this is a photo that will always remind me to love myself.

Talk soon,



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