Ombre Hair?

So lately I’ve wanted to try something different. I want to have a little fun.

I’m thinking I want to try the ombre hair affect. I have 5 photos I love but I’m not sure for 3 reasons.

  1. Will it turn out with my hair? It’s not short but it isnt very long. My hair is just about half way down my back.
  2. I don’t know what hairstyle I will love the most? So what one do I pick to go with?
  3. Is it worth it? I mean I love trying new things but is it worth it to dye my hair this crazy? I mean I can always go back. And it isn’t the first time I’ve gone crazy with color.

Alright so now it’s your turn. I want to show you these ideas (I’ll number them). I’m hoping I can get some advice and maybe help on picking the right color. I’ll even take ideas if you have different color options.

I want to show you a photo of me because honestly who can give advice if they don’t know what someone looks like.


If you can’t tell there is a very slight change of color between my shirt and my hair. 🙂

  1. newhair
  2. newhair1
  3. newhair2
  4. newhair4
  5. newhair3

So please give your advice!

Talk soon,



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