#LoveMe Challenge 

A word to describe myself. 

Hmmmm. That’s tough. There are so many to chose from. 

There are the obvious like daughter, sister, and wife. The easy ones like fun, understanding, and loving. Then the ones you wish you weren’t, like annoying, crazy, or even ugly by some. 

So if there are so many things to chose from to describe yourself how do you decide? It’s almost an impossible task. 

But after really thinking and excepting defeat I called my mom. And of course my mom talked through all the things about me. And with her help I finally decided on the perfect word to describe me. 

Thank God for Moms!
So the word I’d use for myself would be resilient.  

I’ve had many things in my life that I’ve struggled through but no matter what I still bounce back. I’ve lived my life with hand deformities. And you can’t forget being made fun of. I’ve lost and gained many friends. Lost and gained loved ones. Many many failed tasks along the years. I’ve grown so much from being about to bounce back from any and all problems. 

I’m not sure many can say they can overcome hard times and bullying that last almost 18 years straight. But the ones who can are the best. We are resilient. We are amazing. 

We are all amazing. 

Talk soon,



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