#LoveMe Challenge

A person who loves you.

Many people love me. I can’t just pick one. My mom, dad, sister, my husband, and so many more family members love me.

Truth be told I think they all help me love myself. Wouldn’t you think? Shouldn’t your whole family and friends help you learn to love yourself?

I think I am able to love myself and others more because I have such a loving family.

But it makes me think how do people who don’t have what I have love themselves so much? Not everyone has what I have and some do better than me and some do worse. Then you have the ones who have exactly what I have and they do worse. It doesn’t make sense to me.

This post stumps me because I’m not sure how to write it. :/

I’m sorry my first time back in a while sucks. 😦

Talk soon,



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