Puppy Time!

So if you saw my previous post it was all about the right time to have a baby and the compromises to go along. Something I didn’t mention was part of our compromise was we wanted to get a puppy. 

Okay scratch that we want a dog period. It can be a puppy or a “toddler” or even an older dog. However we prefer not a dog that could potentially die in the next 5 years. I just want to get him or her with enough time before getting pregnant that we can train our dog. Most importantly I want to know out dog won’t hurt our precious child. I also want our dog to “grow up” with our child. 

I got my first dog at 10 and I was skeptic at first. I hadn’t had any good experiences with large dogs. Truth be told I still haven’t. As time went on I grew very close to my dog. However by the time I turned 18 I was a senior in high school and we found out my dog was getting sick. The best choice would be to put him down. I begged my parents to wait till I graduated high school. Our vet agreed waiting 4 more months would be okay. So that’s what we did. From then on I knew I wanted my little one to have a dog to grow up with. My hopes and dreams would be for our dog to be together a long time. 

Hhhhh. I’m sorry guys. I always seem to stray away from the point of my original post. 

So here my husband and I are driving to a mobile adoption location hosted by the San Diego Humane Society. We know the chance of us leaving today with a doggie is slim but we are hopeful. 

I want to recommend adopting from a shelter. It’s a great way to help a little animal who might not have a chance. However there are always worried about adopting a shelter animal. So I recommend doing your research that includes asking the shelter workers all you can about your pet. Make sure they will be the best fit!

Have any of you rescued an animal?

What are your pet stories?

Any advice?

Talk soon,



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