A Week of NEW!

This week I decided to try making tons a new meal for every dinner. Well all but Tuesday. I love to cook and now that I’ve moved in with my husband I want to try so many new things. I’d want to find all the things he loves and all that he doesn’t. I am trying “new” meals every night. Some are recipes I found on the internet and some are just trying a new sauce.

As I planned out my meal plans for this week I realized I wanted to see what else I can make new in my life. As I sat there I realized there is so much I can do. Every day I go for a walk and I always head right. Well tomorrow I’ll head left. I also don’t have a job yet so I want to find a new job this week.

Well I also got new puppy so I have lots of new to learn with him this week.


Have any of you tried anything new lately? If not what’s something you want to try?


Talk soon,



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