Meet Marco!

Hey everyone! If you saw my recent post my husband and I wanted to get a dog. We went to a mobile adoption and two shelters. We saw plenty of dogs before we found our favorite. We started at 8am and made our decision 20 minutes before the end of adoption time and that was just before 6pm.

Meet Marco!


He is so sweet and loving. He loves to cuddle and always wants to be around my husband and I.

Marco is so great because he is very well trained by his last owners. He actually has little need for training from us.

Let me tell you his story. Thomas and I adopted Marco on the first day he was available so that means on the 6th day he was in the shelter. Marco was turned in as a stray dog. This makes Thomas and I wonder 3 things. Was Marco ever abused? Is he really just a stray or did his owners turn him in and say he was a stray as they were embarrassed? The final question was what if he ran away and his owners just haven’t found him?

Either way Marco seems very happy with us and we have truly enjoyed him.

Funny story of the night. 

I went to take Marco on a walk but the gate was broken so I  couldn’t get out. However there was an opening under the gate and Marco could get out. So that’s what he did. He slipped under the gate and wouldn’t come back under. Marco just sat down and turned into a statue. So I had nothing better to do than sit and wait. Thank goodness a girl from by building was coming home and helped me. 

Any of you have fun memories with your pet?

Talk soon,




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