Goals for 2016?

I feel every year I try to set goals. And every year I find myself failing miserably. I see many people doing the same. So this year I decided I would set a goal of 2 things and make it last through the month. Or at least try to keep it 4 times a week (depending on the goal.) So in 3 weeks I will have accomplished my goal for at least 12 days of the month. I thought holding myself to two things would be better than setting a whole list. This way if I fail I don’t feel awful. Setting a list high makes you fall farther plus everyone sets goals all the time through the year and usually they are goals you didn’t even realize you set. 

For the month of January I did not set goals as I wanted to really think of how I could make this work. I also wanted to think of the best 2 goals to start with. 

For the month of February I set 2 simple goals. 

Goal 1. Go to group bible study every Monday. This is actually a bible study I’ll be doing with my husband. I’m very excited to start a new journey and make new friends. Best of all I’ll be doing it with my best friend, my husband. 

Goal 2. This goal is to find a way to make my apartment to feel more like home. I want to hang paintings, pictures, find a couch, and just make everything come together. I want to make our apartment somewhere we feel comfortable and a place we are happy to be. Especially with us being thousands of miles from family.

So these are my goals so far. As time goes I’ll keep you updated. 

I’d love to hear how you set your goals! Tell me when you hit them. It’s always great to cheer each other on!

Plus accountability is key I believe. It’s why I shared my goals. So hopefully I’ll be more apt to stick to them. 

Talk soon,



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