Tips to Relax

I find I can get stressed out so easily. Especially lately as I’m trying to unpack, make new friends, understand my life as a wife to someone in the military, and getting a new dog. Sometimes I could just sit her and feel like nothing is going on and it stresses me out to get board. So I decided to find 5 ways that true;y help me relax.

1. Unwind and Disconnect  

I find that if at the end of every day usually as I’m about to fall asleep, I put my phone down, shut my computer down, shut off my tv. I like to lay in complete silence for the last 30 minutes of my night. It’s a perfect time to let my body disconnect from social media and constant movement. Now truthfully I have days where I can’t do silence, so in those cases I use Pandora, set it to a timer, and play calming music. The biggest is to have no words.

2. Activity

I find for em the best way to relax is to take a nice warm bubbly bath with candles and usually a cup of tea. I usually find a box that says relaxation that usually means chamomile. Or I also paint. Those two are my favorite ways to relax. For others it may be to go on a run, sing, dance, or anything else. It may take time to find what activity relaxes you and that’s okay, make it enjoyable as you try thing, have fun!

3. Reflection

I love to reflect on my day and my life. I like to learn from my mistakes and be greatfull for everything I have. It’d easy to make a mistake and let it pass without seeing how I could make it better. It’s also easy to forget all the good things you have in life. Such as parents, siblings, food, and shelter. It’s so easy to forget even the little things. Reflection is always good but it may not be a relaxation method for you, but I hope you try it out.

4. Meditatin

I know unwind and disconnect is similar but this is something I like to do for just a few short minutes half way through my day. Like 5 minutes at lunch. It’s just time to break away from any stress I may be going through. This is usually something I do on a 12 hour work day. Especially where I’m go go go constantly.

5. Snuggle Time

This may sound strange but it’s something I find to be perfect. I like to spend a few minutes holding onto my hubby. Or sometimes my dog when my husband is on duty. Before getting a dog when my husband was on duty I snuggled a pillow or stuffed animal. These are moments I enjoy because I feel like it brings in a bunch of happy emotions.

6. Wash my Face

I love to wash my face with cool water. I feel when I’m stressed I get hot so cool water I feel washes the stress away. Plus a bonus my face is clean.

I know I said 5 tips but the last one clicked right as I was done writing and I thought “how could you forget that?” So I decided to add it in.

What are some of your stress relieving tips? I’m always up for new ideas!

Talk soon,



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