Activities for Children!

My favorite activities that are also educational to do with children. Plus I always find them to be fun as well.


The Egg and Bottle Trick


A cooked egg without the shell, A bottle (glass) with the neck slightly smaller than the egg, a piece of paper, and a match.


  1. Place the egg on top of the bottle showing the children it doesn’t fit. *Great to let the children do themselves.
  2. Crumple the piece of paper and drop into the bottle. *Great to let the children do themselves.
  3. Drop the burning match into the bottle.
  4. Quickly put the egg on top of the bottle.
  5. The egg will make some noises like a gurgle and a pop then it’ll drop into the bottle!


How Does This Work?

As the paper burns the fire burns away the oxygen in the air. The egg seals the top of the bottle not allowing air into the bottle to replace the oxygen. This reduces air pressure inside the jar and the egg is sucked in. then allowing more oxygen in.


Color Spinners


Card stock paper, scissors, pencil with sharp point (preferably half the size of a normal pencil), coloring supplies.


  1. Cut the card stock into perfect circles.
  2. Section the circle into 7 perfect sections like a pie.
  3. Let the children color each section with a different color. Yellow, Orange, Red, purple, Dark blue, light blue, green.
  4. Make a small hole in the middle of the circle just big enough for the pencil to fit into.
  5. Spin the disk quickly.
  6. Watch the colors blend together.



*You can use other color ideas if you want to. Other than the 7 I gave. Have fun and experiment.

How Does it work?

When the circle spins your eyes can’t see the colors separately. You only see the different colors come together. The disk will look grayish or white.


Liquid Layers


Water, molasses, cooking oil, tall glass jar, slice of an apple, paperclip, eraser, cork, push pin, quarter.


  1. Fill the jar with roughly 1/2 a cup of molasses
  2. Fill the jar with 1/2 cup of water
  3. Fill jar with 1/2 cup of cooking oil
  4. Give it a minute or two for the liquids to settle.
  5. You will see how each liquid is heavier than the other meaning they don’t mix. They float on each other.
  6. Make a guess on where each object will float/sink at.
  7. Then place the objects in at different times and see what happens.


*The picture I used show other liquids and objects you can use if you want to do more than the basics.


Here are some of my favorite activities to do with children!


Do you have any activities you like to do?


Talk soon,











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