Military Wife Tag!

So this may not be an original post by any means but something I’ve always wanted for my page was to talk about my life as a wife to someone in the Military. I’ve found over time that it has been much harder to talk about than I would have imagined. Not for any reason other than I just don’t know what to talk about on a regular basis. However, I saw this tag and decided it would be a fun way for me to start off with talking about my life as a military wife.


Here we go Military Wife Tag!

  1. How did you and your spouse meet? The truth is we both have different opinions. I remember him running into me in gym class when I was in 6th grade and he was in 8th grade. But the story we go with is we met from church when he was a freshman and I was in 7th grade. We went to youth group together and became friends between group and different events we went on with the group.
  2. How long have you and your spouse been together? We started dating on September 5th, 2009 and we got married September 6th, 2015. So we dated for 6 years and the day after our 6 year anniversary we got married. And as of today we are two days from our 6 month anniversary of being married.
  3. Where are you and your spouse originally from? We are both from a little town in lower Michigan. Right now they are being blasted with snow. As kids we moved around but we spent the majority of our life in Coldwater.
  4. How did you feel about your husband joining the military? I supported him I still do support him. Don’t get me wrong I was very worried at first especially with worrying about if he joined the Army or Marines. In my opinion I thought they’d be more dangerous. However, in the end he joined the Navy and I find I still worry about him. But for new reasons that I hadn’t thought of before. Truthfully I respect and support my husband in every way and in the end it really wasn’t my decision on what career he wanted in life just as much if he decided to be a garbage man or a lawyer wouldn’t be my choice. If I truly love him I would still love him no matter the career decisions he makes.
  5. Where did your husband go to basic training? In Chicago. Do sailors do basic anywhere else?
  6. Has your spouse been deployed? Yes he has. He told me even him being stationed out of the country is technically considers a deployment of sorts. Then when you leave base it’s called going underway. He has been underway for as short as 1 day to as long as 4 months. and there have been times I have not talked to him for weeks on end because of an underway.
  7. Ever been to his promotion ceremony? I technically haven’t been to a promotion ceremony as the ones he as had he was in Japan and I wasn’t able to be there. However, I have been to his re-enlistment ceremony and I think they are probably pretty close to the same. I will get to be at his next promotion ceremony as we are now married and living in the same place together.12108981_10154303281553294_5541517150630496738_n
  8. How long have you been a military wife? I have only been a military wife for 6 months. I have been a military fiance for 1 year and a military girlfriend for about 3 years.
  9. Did he wear his uniform for the wedding? Yes my husband wore his dress whites. He hated (because he doesn’t love wearing his uniform) it but he also said he loved it because it was something I really wanted.
  10. How did he propose? On the Michigan State University campus there is a huge rock that everyone paints. On my first birthday my parents stayed up all night and painted it for my birthday. Just shy of 20 years later my mom, sister, best friend, and sisters best friend secretly painted the rock again. Then my  mom said we were all going to get dressed nice and go take pictures. I thought nothing of it since we do this often. As we came around the corner I thought it was so cool but didn’t realize it was for me till Thomas came around the corner and dropped down to his knee and asked me to marry him.11863424_10154105617813294_7754922627002323714_n
  11. Where did you get married? We got married in our hometown and we were the 5th couple to get married in an old opera house.
  12. How old were you two when you got married? I was 20 years old. My husband was 22 years old.
  13. Where are you and your spouse currently stationed? We are in San Diego, California.
  14. Do you live on base? No we decided not to live on base. Technically in San Diego they want everyone to live off base since there isn’t tons of housing available.
  15. Do you find your spouse attractive in his uniform? Yes I do. I find him attractive in and out of everything. 😉
  16. Do you think military life is more advanced as civilian life? Not really no. I guess it depend on how you look at it. I have been going through military healthcare for the last couple of months and have been pretty frustrated with it. I don’t find the medical itself less advanced but I find Tricare has it’s issues. Honestly this is a hard question and not one I’m able to clearly answer at this moment.
  17. Do you like the military benefits as a spouse? I don’t really use any benefits. I’m not sure what those are. I do however love the different activities on base I can go to. Like here in a few days I will be going to a painting class. A class where you come to learn to paint a specific painting and you get to keep it.
  18. Do you have many military wife friends? Yes I have a few I’ve made online and I have a few I’ve made from my husbands friends on the ship. However, since I’ve only lived in San Diego a short time I have not made tons of friend.
  19. Do you own military wife stuff? I have only owned 1 thing that had to do with military gear and that was a I love my sailor Navy girlfriend. I haven’t ever bought anything else.


Here is my military wife tag. I hope you enjoyed it! As time goes on I hope to add to my page about different military experiences I have. I also want to talk about Tricare as I have had to work with it a lot in the last two months.

Any of you military spouses out there come say hi! I love meeting new people! Heck even if you are not a military spouse I still would love for you to stop by and say Hi!


Talk soon,
















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