Anniversary Gifts Through the Years!

*Tip to my husband on anniversary gift ideas. Or to any of you needing help!

So have you ever been told by someone older “Oh it’s your first anniversary? That’s the year of a paper gift.” Well I have and I am not even at my first wedding anniversary. I decided it’d be fun to look anniversary gift themes through out the years of someones marriage. I then realized I had no idea what I would get my husband or even what I’d want him to get me that would follow along with the gift list.  Now obviously this is a traditional gift list probably made before we had new modern things like DVD’s, video games, and expensive jewelry. So for paper they probably gave just that paper to write on, and for tin maybe they forged a nice cup to drink out of. As years when by the gifts became more extravagant.

So today I will make a list of gift themes from 1st anniversary to 10th anniversary. To help out all you men and women struggling for ideas I also thought I’d give an example of what to buy. My hope is also to make the gifts 50$ or less because in my opinion a gift shouldn’t need to be expensive for it to be meaningful. I think that’s why these gift themes are so basic because they didn’t need to be expensive.

1st Anniversary Paper


Male & Female: Book

*This can be christian, fantasy, non-fiction whatever you think he/she would love the most. Maybe go into it together and get a book to read together.


2nd Anniversary Cotton

Male: Find them a nice comfy shirt. Or Dress Shirt.

Female: Fuzzy Socks. (I know maybe this isn’t cotton but in my opinion it’s pretty close.)

3rd Anniversary Leather

Male & Female: Hey maybe get a little kinky? 😉

*Obviously think about what your spouse would want. If they don’t like kink do a new wallet.


4th Anniversary Linen or Silk

Male: Comfy PJ’s

Female: Silky lingerie

5th Anniversary Wood

Male & Female: Carve your own little wooden trinket that represents your love.

*Not crafty you can always find little wooden trinkets carved in native american shops (my favorite place) and crafty stores.


6th Anniversary Iron

*This was a very hard idea for me to come up with a gift suggestion. I talked with my husband and he also had no clue what to get. So I did what anyone of our time would do, I went online.

Male: Iron grilling utensils or iron tools for the handyman in your husband.

Female: Cast iron skillet or iron candlestick holders.

*After talking with my husband I’d rather go somewhere like Iron Ore Bay in Michigan or Iron Mountain in California.

7th Anniversary Wool or Copper

Male & Female: Wool socks

Male: Copper mug (this also works well for women)

Female: Picture frame of 7 pennies formed into a 7. (Think of what your women would want. This is cheese sure but it’s totally something that would make me melt with happiness.)

8th Anniversary Bronze 

Male: Bronze specialty pen or Watch

*May be more than 50$

Female: Bronze ring/Necklace or Bronze Him&Her statue

9th Anniversary Pottery


Male & Female: Go to a pottery making class where you get to spend a few hours making your own piece of work.

*This way you make what you’d want for yourself.

10th Anniversary Tin or Aluminum 

Male: Pocket Knife

Female:Wind Chimes


Now these are just ideas.

This is also just a traditional themed list. I saw while doing research there is also a modern list. If you go with the modern list it may be easier. I’m a traditional kind of person so I like the old kind of list.


Do any of you have ideas?


Talk soon,


P.S Anyone who knows my husband and I they’d know that the macaroni photo fits perfect with us!


*Photos are not mine

































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