Honey, You Snore!

On average it takes my husband an hour to truly fall asleep and right around the same time he starts to snore. Although if you ask him he doesn’t snore it’s just loud breathing.

Lately my husband has been sick and when I give him his night  medication he falls asleep within 30 minutes. His snoring is now fifty times louder. Yet he still says he does not snore and I should show him proof.

All while he loughs so I know he knows he snores. Is it just a guy thing to laugh and deny snoring? My dad does it too.


Anyways here are some of my tips that help me sleep through his snoring.

  1. Ear plugs. Ear plugs always work.
  2. I also like playing soft soothing music (with no words). I focus on the music over the snoring.
  3. Play a tv show and set the tv on sleep mode.
  4. Read or play games on my phone until I am extra tired.
  5. Just ignore it if you’re good at that.


I know these are not anything special but they are what help me sleep. Or at least help me get to sleep. Usually once asleep I stay asleep.


Now on to getting my proof! 😉


Talk soon,



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