Not sure how to name this. Equality maybe?

So the other day was International Women’s day. I was pretty excited because I find it to be cool. Then I saw the filter on Snapchat and I was a tad annoyed. It said International Women’s Day “We Run the World”

Now I’m sure many are wondering why that would annoy me. 

I don’t feel like women or men should feel the need to think they run the world. I think we should just celebrate being men and women. I think we all deserve a special day to remember all the great things we’ve accomplished. 

Things we personally have accomplished, things our parents accomplished, and things famous people have accomplished to help us now. 

On March 8 us women have our day. So I like to think about how I have overcome bullying and grew to be a better person. I like to think of my grandmother raising my mom as her own daughter and loving her just the same. That makes me think of my mom because she’s the best woman I know. To think of famous women I think of Rosa Parks who fought for equal rights for African American men and woman. I’m a white woman who if I lived back then  wouldn’t have to worry about where I say or where I went to school. But I still look at her as inspiration because as time goes on I get to share a bus or a school with all sorts of men and women. I get to learn and make friends with some amazing people. Or Elizabeth Stanton and Susan B. Anthony who fought for women’s right to vote. I also like to think of all the women who joined the military to protect me. 

But not just women should be celebrating women. Men should be as well because for every reason I have to celebrate women men have just as many reasons. 
On November 19 men have the day to celebrate their dads and grand parents. I also think of all the men including my grandfathers and my husband who joined the military to protect me. I think of all our founding fathers. Every man who faught in wars to not only give me freedom but who faught for abolishment of slavery. There are so many more. 

Again not just men should be celebrating men. Women have many reasons to celebrate men as well. 

What’s most amazing is for almost every reason I can celebrate a woman I could probably celebrate man as well for the same exact reason.

Now I know there are still issues such as women and men are still not paid equally. Sometimes it’s looked down upon a man having a women’s kid or women having a mans job. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t still celebrate each other. And I think it’s slowly turning around. It just needs more time. 
With that I started to think of religion and race. Those are both things that are all best left for another day. A post to long to get into today. 
What do you guys think about international men and women’s day? Do you feel women “run the world”? 
Talk soon,



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