Cleaning Day or Lazy Day

Today is a perfect cleaning day. I have no plans, my husband is on duty, but more importantly my dad is coming for a visit in just two short days. The problem is I’m going through a moment of I just don’t want to clean. I want to lay around watch tv and maybe take Marco to the dog park. It’s also pretty warm and that doesn’t help my lazy mood. When it’s warm enough I debate turning on the air it usually means it’s hot enough out to make me tired. Do any of you get tired when it’s warm out? Or is that just me?

Anyways today is cleaning day and no matter how I’m feeling I can’t be lazy. I actually don’t even have that much to do. I need to do a load of dishes, do laundry, sweep/mop and make sure the guest  bedroom and bathroom are clean. 

So how do I get the energy do the cleaning?

Being s little lazy is okay!

Well I allow myself to sleep in or be lazy till noon. (Because honestly I know by the time I wake up if I’m going to want to be lazy or not). It’s alright to give in as long as you set a time to stop being lazy. I also don’t always let myself be lazy till noon. When I wake up to take my husband to work I think of all the things I need to do and I determine how long it’ll take me to do my chores. From there I can decide how long I can be lazy. 

Water is a good thing. 

Then while I’m being lazy I drink as much water as I can. That always perks me up. I’ve been told water helps with energy and I can honestly feel a difference after I drink as much water as I can. 
Small snacks. 

I LOVE snacking. It’s a regular occurrence in my life. On cleaning days I try eating little healthy snacks like fruit or carrots. As much as I love salty and sugary snacks they aren’t very good for me. Especially if I eat a lot of it and on cleaning days I do eat much more. The reason I like snacks is it keeps me full as I’m walking up and down the stair to do laundry and crawling around cleaning floors and toilets. This way I don’t get in my mind oh I need to sit and watch tv and eat a full meal (after I’ve already had breakfast and lunch and it is t dinner yet).  

One chore at a time. 

It can be crazy getting all the chores done if you jump around and don’t stick with one thing. I like going to a room and doing one chore at a time. So in the bedroom I pick up all the laundry. Then making bed. Then cleaning my hair/makeup products. Then I head to the next room and do the next thing. If I try running around making beds, gathering laundry and what not I get lost in what I’m doing. Then I feel nothing is getting done. And maybe that’s just me. 

Set a goal. 

Setting goals also helps. So I make a goal to have all dishes clean in 1 hour or laundry clean and taken care of by dinner. Those are just examples. As long as the goal is feasible. 
These my just be simple or silly ways to get chores done but they really help me. 

How do you get chores done?

Talk soon,



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