March Ipsy Glam Bag!

Hey so in my favorites blog I mentioned having something called an Ipsy bag and I wanted to talk about it!

I’m not one for make up or beauty products. Well it’s more that I don’t know what all of its for or how to use it. So when my sister told me about ipsy I thought I’d try it and love it. 

For $10 a month I get 5 products and a very nice bag. Sometimes it’s makeup, nail polish, hair products, lotions, cleansers, or even makeup brushes. 

This line allows you to take a beauty quiz of sorts and request the things you like. The other great this is Ipsy has a few YouTube pages teaching how to use all the products along with other tutorials of you need any advice. 

Now these are all sample sizes (besides the brushes and nail polish) so for me the hair products and cleansers lasted only a month, the lotions lasted longer. For me I see how the makeup is sample sizes because it’s smaller but honestly there is no way I’ll use the whole thing of makeup in a month. I’m guessing many of you are that way too. 

This was such a great way for me to test out products without having to buy a full size. Some items I loved and have ordered more of some were good while they lasted but not something I’d buy again. Some just didn’t work for me. Since everyone is different though products might be great for you and not for me. My sister for example LOVES the makeup cleaning wipes we received a few months back but I on the other had didn’t love them. 

So let me get on with showing you what I got and what I thought of my ipsy bag last month!

   I want to start with my favorite thing this month to my least favorite!

 First let me start with how nice they package this. It’s in a durable bright package. I love how cushy this is I accidentally dropped it down the cement stairs and I worried when opened it my things would have broken. But to my surprise nothing was broken!

Next is I love the bag this months products came in. I actually made it my back up makeup bag. I store the important things in it then the bag goes in my car. Not only is it the perfect size but it’s pretty. But my favorite thing is how if something spills on or in it the material allows me to clean it easily. 

This is my second favorite. It’s an eye shadow brush by Beau Gachis -Paris-

I have small eyes and this was great for putting eye shadow in the crease of my eyes and not all over my eye like most brushes do. I also LOVE how soft the bristles on this brush are!

Next up is the Be a …. Bombshell Baked Bronzer shade Heat Wave. 

I love of smoothly this goes on and I never feel likes it cakes on to much. For me the color was the perfect shade. If I were to head to the store is probably buy a lighter shade so I was skeptic when I first tried it. Then as soon as it was on I saw it was prefect. 


I am loving this eye shadow. I use it often. It’s this beautiful pink peach color. It’s not to BAMB but it’s not dull either. This is the Vera Mona eyeshadow shade Clover. I’m hoping to try some of the other shades!

Now I liked this product but it was one of those it’s fun while it lasted but I won’t purchase it on my own. This was a great hydrating primer I just happen to love the one I already have more. But I did notice my eyes looked more hydrated and it was a good primer. This is the Makeup Forever primer it’s Hydration ideal for normal skin. 

I also saw they had toners as well and I may try one of those. 


Now I REALLY didn’t like this. It was a Goats Mill day cream for dry and wrinkle prone skin. I personally thought it was to greasy for my face. And I didn’t care for the smell. 
All in all I loved this months products. I find that most months I like everything in the bag and I like the bag. Some months I don’t like the bag and some I don’t like all the products. But I am very happy with this service. 

I also love that I can pause the subscription for a month or cancel all together when I want. 

If any of you use this subscription or decide to start it let me know what you think!

Talk soon,




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