Pregnancy Cravings and Aversions

My goodness who knew this could be so annoying? 

I guess I don’t really have aversions to specific foods. However, unless I really crave it I can only eat about 2 or 3 bites before I’m sick of it. This has made eating very hard. I thought morning sickness would be the hardest thing to overcome. 

In reality though I haven’t experienced morning sickness to much yet. I feel nauseous often but I haven’t gotten sick in any way. That’s a good thing right? I do wonder how it’ll change though. 

I also have not had weird cravings yet. But when we’re at a restaurant I find I just want what I want. It could be a weird combination like ranch salad with biscuits and gravy or something simple like loaded baked potato soup and loaded mashed potatoes. So nothing like pickles and ice cream yet! If I want it though I have to have it or I just don’t seem to eat. 

What have been your strangest cravings?

Have you had any annoying aversions?

Talk Soon, 



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