I Can’t Stand My Pants!!

Alright I’m one day shy or 5 weeks pregnant. I am not growing bigger yet. So why is it so uncomfortable to wear jean material pants or shorts. 

Because I’m constantly bloated. I’m also drinking tons of water so that adds to it. 

This is frustrating. I literally one pair of black shorts that are stretchy and comfortable to wear on a day to day basis. This is ridiculous I shouldn’t have to struggle to wear clothing this soon in my pregnancy. Not to mention my boobs are so sore and sensitive that I’m having trouble with bras. So to add pants as well it’s making it hard. 

Hhhh it’ll only get worse as time goes on. But I wouldn’t change it for the world because in the end I’ll have a little baby in my arms. 

Until then anyone have advice or am I truly stuck? Should I just go buy a few more stretchy pair of shorts?

Talk Soon,



2 thoughts on “I Can’t Stand My Pants!!

  1. Welcome to pregnancy! I dealt with this by buying a some cheap dresses with plenty of room because I couldn’t deal with any waistband pressure. They did the job until I was big enough to need proper maternity clothes.


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