Top 5 Favorite TV Shows at the Moment 

This summer I’ve been bored. I’m not sure why but I’ve wanted to be a couch potato most days. It honestly probably has to do with the heat. I’ve never been in Cali in July and August so I’m going with maybe it’s the So Cal heat. Plus since I found out I’ve been pregnant I’ve been pretty tired (I hear that’s normal). So by the time I get ready for the day I want a nap. Then it’s time for me to do any cleaning that needs done or cooking dinner before my husband gets home. 

Anyways back to my top 5 favorite shows!

5. Underground BBQ Challenge basically Chef G. Garvin finds a city and puts two areas head to head with BBQ challenge. Whoever wins gets a money prize and the side of town that wins gets bragging rights. (Unfortunately for me I get lots of cravings or aversions. Thank you pregnancy!)

4. Beat Bobby Flay Bobby Flay is an iron chef. He puts two chefs (some classically trained some not) head to head. Then 3 judges decide who will go on to compete against Bobby Flay. The specialty thing is the winner picks a surprise meal to cook making it more difficult for Bobby Flay. 

3. Family Guy Do I need to explain the show? This isn’t my favorite show but it does pass the time! 

2. The Office My husband and I have really been enjoying this show. It’s a small town paper company living their daily lives. It shows the funny antics and life of all the characters. It’s great to watch and relax while eating dinner. Or just when we’re bored. 

1. Psych This is my absolute favorite show of all time. It follows a “psychic” detective and a few other real detectives solving crimes and having fun while doing it!
I know these aren’t a ton of shows but they have been great! To some of you they may also be strange. But hey try it out. 

I’ll also always take recommendations!

Talk soon,



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