My 90’s Favorites! Oh the Things I Miss!

I’m a 90’s baby and boy do I miss those 90’s things. Like the cartoons I want to come back, the toys I played with, and all those crazy gadgets. 


1. Furby you know even to this day I’m not really sure what kind of animal it was. But I loved taking care of it like a real pet. 

2. Water Wiggler these were those tube things filled with water and glitter and sometimes small toys. As you held it, it wiggles around. I usually played with this in the tub because it made it more slippery. 

3. Hit Clips those little devices that played like 30 seconds of top hit songs. I listened to hit me baby one more time so many times I’d lose count. 

4. Easy Bake Oven I loved making little treats with these. I felt like a cook just like my mom. As it turned out those treats were usually yummy too. However I hear the little ovens now a days don’t cook as well. 

5. Barbie I especially loved the family Barbie she was pregnant and had a baby. I loved taking care of my own family. 

TV Shows and Movies!

1. Rugrats man did I love watching Tommy and the gang get into their adventures. I recently took a 35 question quiz in Rugrats and got it 100% right. I realized then how much I loved that show. 

2. Teletubbies don’t laugh I was a young 90’s kid and for whatever reason this caught my attention. 

3. Scooby Doo all the way. This is another show I can tell you everything 100% correct. This love comes from my dad as the original aired when my dad was a kid. 

4. Full House but honestly who didn’t watch this show?

4. Family Matters man I loved Steve Urkel. I had tons of laughs. I wish this was still airing. This show was one my whole family would settle down after dinner and watch together. 

5. Space Jam the wacky loony tunes characters and Michle Jordan made this movie so fun I felt I was playing basketball myself. 

6. Beauty and the Beast Bell is my favorite Disney princess. 

Honestly there are hundreds more but that’d take forever. 


1. Hit Me Baby One More Time by Britany Spears. 

2. Macarena

3. Say My Name by Destiny Child

4. I Want it That Way by Back Street Boys

Again there are tons of songs I could go on forever. 
I feel like there are so many 90’s things I loved so much that I could go on forever. 

What are some of your favorite 90’s things? Were you a 90’s kid (or adult works too I guess)?
Talk soon,



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