Pregnancy Week 6

My oh my the fun!

This week by day 2 I had nausea constantly and not in the same way as the weeks prior. This time it felt like I could truly be sick at any moment. I’m tempted to carry around a garbage bad from now on. 

I also found I really shouldn’t eat past full. So I’ve always been the type of person to not leave the last 3 bites on my plate. I might not be full but I don’t want to waste. Plus as I’ve gotten older I just didn’t want the food sitting in my trash since it doesn’t go out every night. This might be ridiculous but it’s just what I do. Anyways the other day I felt full took one more bite and got sick. After that a few times more I had moments of almost getting sick trying to eat another bite after full. 

This week biscuit is the size of a sweet pea! My husband and I went for a second ultrasound and we not only saw the sack but the yoke inside! My doc went in closer where we saw the fetal pole and the heart beat. At this point we were not able to hear anything but you can see the movement. 

Having a doctors appointment and seeing the baby progress the way the baby should has pretty much removed all worry. I mostly wasn’t nervous after my failed pregnancy in February but I still had a few. So after this week I feel like I don’t need to worry. 

My doctor says this is best photo because it shows the baby having a heart beat. 

These two show the baby/fetal pole. 

This shows the sack and inside is the yoke. 

My favorite moment was seeing my husbands smile when he saw the ultrasound in person. 

I have prenatal registration in 2 weeks (there is usually an ultrasound but since I’ve already had two in not sure I’ll get another). Then in a month and a half I get another ultrasound and appointment with my doctor. 

Well that’s all for this week!

Talk soon,



2 thoughts on “Pregnancy Week 6

  1. Valerie says:

    Congratulations!! I had morning sickness bad with my fourth (now almost 7 weeks old) and I actually bought a pack of motion sickness/vomit bags on amazon so that I could hurl in public if necessary without making a total mess on the floor! I thankfully never actually vomited while in a store or my car, but I felt much better emotionally knowing that I was prepared. I was nauseous with her until about 18 weeks (my longest bout ever!!) Eck
    I hope you feel better soon!! 😀


    • marenasblog94 says:

      Thanks! You know motion sickness bags are a great idea. I hadn’t thought of that for public places. I haven’t been sick in public but I’ve definitely felt like I could be. I’ve been carrying around minty altoides (you know I’m not even sure how to spell it. Haha). They have helped pretty great so far. My doctor recommended Coca Cola but if I find I need more than one a day do caffeine free. Surprisingly at dinner last night (in a restaurant) I felt like it worked. But I’m not really a soda pop drinker but at least in restaurants where there are lots of smells it can come in handy.
      Congrats on baby number 4!


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