Pregnancy Week 7 Update 

This last week I hit 7 weeks pregnant making the baby the size of a blueberry (.51 inches). 

Nausea is still a big factor this week. I have heartburn often and man does it hurt. I’ve also had some weird dreams this week. I also find sitting in the car or laying flat in bed is uncomfortable. I get hot flashes for a lack of a better word. Getting physically sick has only happened once but with nausea I sometimes wish just to get sick. The thought process is maybe I’d feel better but actually getting sick feels worse. So I’ll stick with nausea. 

 But even more I’ve experienced a loss of appetite. I can be really hungry but with the first smell or first bite it all turns. So popcorn is still my heaven sent since it’s the only thing I get in me. 

So after talking with the Doctor he confirmed my weight gain in this pregnancy should be 25 pounds. About 7 months ago I weighed 125 and in that 7months I lost 25 pounds. This makes me happy because instead of being 125 gaining 25 to be 150 I’ll only be at 125. This might be a weird happy but honestly it means I’m healthy and taking care of my body. 

This week my inlaws have been visiting. It’s been fun but I find I’m getting exhausted so easily. We have walked at least 3 miles daily. One day we swam in the ocean for a while. But mostly I’ve gotten tons of sun and heat this week. It’s all I can do to get enough water in me. But one nice thing is my inlaws are great at helping me get breaks as I need it and helping me remember to get water in me. 

All in all this week has been great and every time I get one more day closer the happier I get. 

Talk soon, 



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