Wedding Gift Tips!

So last year I got married and received many gifts from my registry and many that were not. So I thought I’d give some suggestions on what to buy for someone. (And what not to give someone).

First here are 4 tips to follow when deciding on what to buy. 

1. If the couple has a registry find something directly from it that is in your price range. 

2. If there isn’t something on the registry that you feel you’d like to buy or nothing is in your price range get a visa gift card or gift card to where they are registered at. 

3. Don’t try to find a gift that doesn’t match what their asking for. For example don’t buy a dish set from a totally different store especially if it’s not the one they are wanting. 

4. Personal special gifts from the heart are always amazing. 

5. If giving a gift card PLEASE make sure you actually put money on it. I got 3 that said there was $25 on it but actually had nothing. And I got one that said there was $100 on it but actually only had $1.48. 
Here are great gift ideas to think about!

1. Quilts (I usually say these a great if you make them personally. My grandma figure from church made us one and so did an aunt of min).  

2. Dishes and/or glasses (Everyone needs these and not often do people start off with having them. I know I didn’t).

3. Monogrammed bath towels (Not all people think about this but it is a fun and great gift to get). In fact towels in general are a great gift ideas. (My husband came with 1 towel that he uses on the ship and I had 4 random towels).

4. My favorite was honestly gift cards. The best was one to Walmart for $50. It covered our first week of simple groceries in our new home. It helped because we found that week we were busy with unpacking that we needed easy meals. Even more it helped when we realized we had no dishes to cook in yet or dishes to eat off. Plus who doesn’t want extra help on groceries once in a while?

*These last two are more expensive and based on affordability. For those who like to give more expensive gifts or those who like to help people get the “harder” gifts. 

5. Electronics like blue ray players, video cameras, go pros, cameras, or even a tv. Some are more expensive than others. I totally get also not paying for an entire camera. A suggestion would be to give the couple however much money you want and telling them you’d like to HELP them buy a camera to capture memories for the rest of their lives. Or a tv so they have something to do on a rainy day. 

6. Kitchen appliances like a toaster, blender, microwave, rice machine, etc. those are always nice some are more needed than others but all are nice and handy. 

I hope these ideas helped. These were all my favorite things to receive and it’s nice that they come In a variety of price ranges. My biggest reminder is try to stick with their registry because then you know you’re definitely getting something the person actually wants or needs. 

What were the best and worst gifts you received? What do you like to give at weddings? Do you have a go to item?

Talk soon,



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