Feeling Miserable.

The last 2 days I’ve felt miserable. No not because of this pregnancy but because I some how got a cold. I’m not sure how but I practically slept 36 hours straight. When I wasn’t asleep I was trying hard not to fall over long enough to take our dog out to do his business, eating crackers and if I was lucky getting a sip of water, blowing my nose, coughing, or throwing up the very little food in my belly. 

All I can say is this cold better run its course quickly. I can also say I have a fantastic husband. After working a 36 ish hour shift (he had duty then actually work) he went to the store got me the meds my doc said to try along with ice and mints. All while just wanting to sleep. So I give a special thanks to my husband! 

Back to being sick. This cough hurts to the core. You know when you cough so deeply you end up clenching every muscle in your body? Even the ones you didn’t realize clenched. That’s how this cough is. It’s miserable feeling. Sneezing isn’t so bad as long as I  not laying down. It’d also be nice if I could catch it with a Kleenex but that only happens every 10th sneeze. (Sorry if that’s tmi. Just be happy I’m in my own bed sneezing not yours. Haha). Yesterday like I said I slept the whole day except here and there moments. Today on the other hand I’ve been more awake but just barely. I’ve been awake enough to eat applesauce and crackers along with getting Gatorade and water in me. Progress!

It’s 9pm and I already feel exhausted so I think that means it’s bedtime. 

What do you do when you’re sick? How about sick and pregnant at the same time? Also what’s your favorite Gatorade color?

Talk soon,



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