8 Week Pregnancy Update!

This weeks has been interesting. I’ve slept more this week than I think I have my whole life. Haha. Okay not literally but it has been a lot. 

Let’s start with the basics. I still have nausea and don’t really want to eat that much either. However applesauce has become another favorite. I especially love the squeezy to go kind. I feel childish carrying it around but it’s amazing. Especially…. When I’m on the go. Haha. 

Sorry if this next part is tmi but it’s pregnancy so I’m sure it’s fine. This weeks I’ve had gas and constipation. It’s driven me nuts! Mainly because if you’ve ever experienced both at the same time it can give some serious uncomfortable feeling in the belly. One great thing for me is my doctor warned me I could be in some pain and uncomfortable before I actually experienced it. He warned me early on because I have ibs (irritable bowl syndrome) and he said women who have this before pregnancy it can be more painful and uncomfortable when I’m pregnant. So here is my heads up if you have ibs you could be feeling uncomfortable bathroom wise. Fiber helps though. Spinach is cold for fiber. 

Spinach leads me into the next thing I want to talk about and that’s salad. This weeks I’ve really wanted lots of salad. (Mainly with Cesar dressing but it’s hard to find Cesar without raw egg so I haven’t had that). Unfortunately the dressing isn’t the issue I’ve been having with salad. It’s the salad that’s been the issue. For whatever every time I get salad it spells funny. I thought maybe my salad was bad at first but then I got a salad from McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and another bag of lettuce from the store and they all smelled funny. So I guess it’s that heightened pregnancy smell causing me trouble. 

My other issue this week is I got a cold. It’s given me an annoying cough and a stuffy nose. After 2 days of tons of rest and as much fluids I could suck down I started feeling better. I still have a cough that’s frustrating me but it feels productive. So all in all I’m doing much better. I took one dose of sudafed (doctor recommended) and I realized I really need to get some more in me if I want to feel better quicker. 

Between being pregnant and being sick I have gotten more sleep this week than I could ever imagine. I slept all night Saturday all day Sunday then all night Sunday getting up enough to take care of our dog Marco (my husband was on duty) and a few other times here and there. Then Monday through today Thursday I took 4 hours naps each day. And I slept all night long. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever slept that much in 1 week. 

Oh yeah I’m two months pregnant!!!!

Talk soon,



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