ER Visit

So if you remember I mentioned last week I got a cold. Well unfortunately it spiraled out of control and into an ER visit. I thought I was feeling better but then I spent Friday and Saturday not keeping anything down. By Sunday I felt so miserable. I was hungry but couldn’t eat. And my mouth was so dry but I couldn’t seem to either drink fluids at all or just not drink enough. 

When getting to the ER they pumped me full of iv fluids. After getting the fluids I perked up and felt better. They also gave special nausea meds. I’ve only needed one more dose after leaving. 

Since Sunday I’ve kept my food down and I’m able to get fluids down. I still can’t drink straight water but I’ve gotten tons of Gatorade and OJ with ice in me. 

Tip if you need water in you add ice to anything you’re drinking. 

However even though I’m keeping food and liquid down I’m not feeling better. I’ve found today I’m constantly having dizzy spell moments. Especially if I bend down to pull stuff out of the dryer. Or moving to fast. 

Unfortunately I worry I should probably call the doctors just to see if I’m alright or if I should try something to feel better. 

Did any of you ever have dizzy light headed moments? Like in the first trimester?

Talk soon,



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