Week 9 Pregnancy Update

So if you saw earlier in the week I posted about going to the ER. If you saw that you can probably guess how my week went. 

Week 8 I got a cold and as the week was ending I thought I was feeling better. Then week 9 started and I spent 2 days completely not eating or even getting any liquid in my body. By Sunday I felt so bad I knew I needed to head into the ER. Thankfully that visit only had us there for 4 hours. I imagine if I had came late in the day or I had a more serious issue my time at the ER would have been better. Anyways I very dehydrated so they pumped me with an iv of fluid. During that time I become so cold they brought me two heated (the ones they warm in the warming machine) blankets. I haven’t had an iv with fluid in 7 years so I was surprised to remember how cold I get. If you’ve never had an iv with fluid before and you don’t understand why I got cold it’s because the fluid coming in is cooler than your body temp. So as it flows in it cools your body off. Then once it’s all in your body has warmed the fluid to your body temp (and you don’t have any cool fluid coming in) that shortly after you should be warmed up again. Anyways by the time the fluids were in and they gave me safe nausea meds I found my self extremely hungry. My nurse said it meant I was on the way to feeling better. All I could think was thank goodness. 

The next two days I spent sleeping pretty much non stop. I also found this week started my dizzy light headed feelings. The nurse said this is normal as my pregnancy goes on. She also said it has a lot to do with being dehydrated and sleeping so much from being sick. I find I notice it most when I stand or move around to quick.  So I just try being more cautious and I’m trying to keep myself well hydrated. 

This week I came to the conclusion my baby is going to come out looking like a smurf. I have had such a craving for blue Gatorade. (Not Powerade I notice a difference that I don’t like. I feel like Powerade has more of a salty sour taste). Anyways I’ve had probably 40-60 oz a day of this drink. A friend of mine (she hasn’t been told yet but we’re asking her to be God Mother to our child) joking said she wasn’t claiming the child as niece or nephew of the baby came out blue. My dad also said “well I’d definitely have to the smurf.” All this making my week sonics better. 

Thank goodness though by the end of the week my appetite officially came back! I can’t eat a lot of the same thing in one sitting but I do eat lots of small portions of many things all day. I probably have some sort of food near me at all times. And the variety changes probably every 10 minutes. I don’t mind but it is hard for me to portion control lately. Pre pregnancy I could perfectly portion exactly how much I’ll want. Now I under proportion how much I think I want and sometimes it’s spot on while others I’m so far off its unbelievable. But it’s okay I make due and my husband usually want anything I don’t eat so it never goes to waste. 

This week I have eaten tons of cheezits, applesauce, and peaches. They have been my most common and go to snacks! Yummy yummy! I have found I want those small pickles lately. Like the ones you’d find on like a snack try at weddings or parties. However I have not wanted pickles and ice cream. That still seems like a strange combination yet I’ve been asked a few times if I’ve wanted it. 

And the potty race has begun. I’m not sure if it’s the fact I’m drinking so much Gatorade or what but I take potty breaks about every 20 minutes. I can imagine that as the baby grows and pushes more and more on my bladder I’m going to end up going on potty breaks every 5 minutes. I’ll be okay with that as long as baby is healthy. I’ll suffer for you little biscuit!

So how were you feeling about this point in your pregnancy? Any special cravings? How did you help curb the nausea?

Talk soon, 



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