Emotional Pregnancy 

I know it’s common to be emotional during your pregnancy. You have tons of extra hormones racing through your body. However I wanted to share a few of my funny emotional moments and a few of the bad. 11 weeks pregnant and I already have stories. I can only imagine what the next 29 weeks will bring. 

1. While watching the tv show scrubs I have cried twice. Once when everyone’s patients passed away and once when Elliot and Carla become friends. So anyways the first makes total sense. The patients die anyone would be sad but only a pregnant woman would start balling. I cried to the point my husband came and snuggled me on the couch and reminded me it was just a show and “no person was harmed in the making of the show”. His comment didn’t help but after a few minutes of hugging I was back to normal. The other time I cried was after Elliot the doctor tried the whole episode to make friends with Carla the nurse. Carla lied to ditch Elliot and Elliot found out. Now this didn’t make me cry but it made me very angry (another pregnancy related emotional moment?). It went back and forth till finally Carla realized the wrong doing and Elliot confesses her feelings. At that point they realize they do want to make a friendship work. Bring on the happy tears. Again Thomas came to give me hugs and kisses because I was having happy tears and wanted to celebrate. 

2. I had a moment of freak out that we don’t have money saved and how would we afford the baby. In reality we do have money saved for a baby we just had an unexpected bill making it so I had to move money around. For whatever reason that threw me into a spiral on money. Then it all lead to will I even be a good mom. Let’s just say it was a confusing moment where I thought the weight of the world was on my shoulders. Between my mom reminding me I will be a good mom and it’s a common worry to have and my husband reminding me we still have money saved and we’ll keep saving even after baby is here. In the end I was fine but I slept well after crying for what felt like 2 hours. However I still get mixed emotions about it sometimes. 

3. A friend of mine has enjoyed picking on me about my eating habits since I got pregnant. Since getting pregnant I can’t portion control the way I used to and that frustrates me. I also find in constantly eating. Now my friend is joking to make me feel bad by any means but it’s hard when I’m already emotional about it. It went from feeling like I could joke back to feeling like I should defend myself. After a long talk with my mom she reminded me it’s okay to eat more often or to have issues eating a full meal at one sitting. It’s all part of pregnancy. She also made a good point when she said maybe he’s just uncomfortable. He’s not around a lot of pregnant women and just doesn’t know what he should and shouldn’t say. And he knows that I know I’m struggling with portion control so maybe he feels it’s the only thing he can talk about. And that being a guy or being uncomfortable he might not know or see when it starts to actually bother me. All made sense and now I just have to remember it when he jokes. Her advice was just ignore it because I don’t need to joke back or defend myself. That’s easier said than done though. 

4. Anything to do with Marco our dog. I swear his water bowl runs out I cry because I feel bad I didn’t fill it sooner. He chases a bird I’m happy he’s having fun. I cry. I get home from a long day away from the house and he’s waiting at the door needing to go outside. I cry because I feel bad I couldn’t be home sooner. He’s in a cute sleeping position  I cry. The list goes on. 

5. My feet are in pain after a walk and I can’t get the paint to go away. I cry because I hurt. 

6. Thomas my husband makes a joke or even a statement about nothing special. I cry, I get mad, or I have laugh. Sometimes all three. Those moments are interesting. I’m not sure Thomas ever knows if he should back away slowly, hug me, or Louth with me. Honestly I’m not even sure what he should do in those situations. 

Alright here are just a few things I’ve encountered over the last 11 ish weeks of pregnancy. 

What were or are some of your emotional moments? 

Talk soon,



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