Week 10 Pregnancy Update 

Oh how the weeks are flying by. I have mixed emotions about this. I’m ready to be out of the first trimester. I want to not have the big worries of something bad happening but mostly I’d like the morning sickness to start going away. At the same time it’s going so fast it makes me sad because I won’t have another pregnancy for this specific baby. I want to cherish all the moments. 

This week baby is the size of a strawberry. Baby is 1.18 inches and .14 oz. growing big so fast. It makes me smile. At this point my app says baby has working arm joints and cartilage and bones are forming. Baby has working vital organs and baby is swallowing and kicking. Not to mention baby has growing fingernails and hair. 

Anyways this week has been relatively good. I’ve had nausea with a little bit of throwing up. But I get my food and most days I get enough fluids in my body. I’m also pretty much always hungry. Did I mention last week my issue with portion control? Well if I didn’t I will now. I can’t seem to get the right proportion ever. I either do to little, to much, or just right. But it’s frustrating since I used to be able to get it exactly right.

With this comes my emotional state. I notice when I’m extra emotional but this week I had my first frustrated annoying emotional moment. My husband and I have a great friend and we’ve always had a brother sister banter since we met. Well since I got pregnant he is constantly joking about how I’m always eating. And he jokes about how I always put way to much food on my plate. Now he’s made these jokes for a few weeks now. This week though it went from me joking back to me feeling like I have to defend myself. I hit the point of being so upset I called my mom to complain. Now for me to call my mother to let out my frustration I know I’m actually upset. But being as great as she is she reminded me I shouldn’t get upset especially because I know he isn’t trying to make me upset. She then also reminds me I’m probably more upset because of my pregnancy emotions coming through. She also said I’m already upset I can’t portion control that when I add in his jokes it makes me more emotional. Thank goodness for my mom who helps me calm down and remind me it’s mostly just pregnancy related. (My husband is also very helpful. I just know my mom is who I call when I think the dam is about to break. Thomas is like my first through 5th line of defense).

I’ve been really tired every week but the first week or two I felt very tired. This week felt like I was back to week 6&7 when I was very tired. So I take one or two naps each day. With that I find my lower back has been sore. I do have a U shaped pillow that I use. But I find I can use the pillow for a few days then I get sore and go without the pillow for a few days. I basically go back and forth as my back feels sore. 

Oh my potty breaks. It’s still like every 20 to 30 minutes I run to the bathroom. If I try to hold it even an extra 5 minutes I end up starting to hurt. I can only imagine I’m going to end up in the bathroom for potty breaks every 5 minutes as this pregnancy progresses. I thought it last week and I think it’s official this week. 

This week I find I always want to be outside in the fresh air. It doesn’t matter if I sit in the sun or shade, I sit or I walk. I just love being outside. Thank goodness for my balcony. I head out at least once a day. Or at least I try to. Sometimes my tired self takes over and I don’t go out the way I want to. 

This week I have eaten tons of the same things. Peaches, applesauce, cheezits, and blue Gatorade. I’ve also really enjoyed mashed potatoes, chocolate milk, eggs, and cream cheese. I find when I’m nauseous the cheezits are very helpful. 

I have noticed my breasts are getting bigger and are pretty sore. It was suggested to get a larger bra and/or sports bra to help. I found that right now I just would prefer not to wear a bra at all. It will definitely change as my breasts get bigger but right now they are just very sensitive and bras even bigger ones run to much. 

This week off and on I also noticed little cramp like moments. I double checked with my nurse to make sure it’s normal. She said as long as I can change positions, go to the bathroom, or change positions and it goes away all is fine. Especially since I have not been in big amounts of pain nor have I blead. She said it’s partially round ligament pain, my bladder being pushed on, and the biggest is the fact my uterus is growing. 

This week was also my husband and I’s one year wedding anniversary. Not only is that exciting in itself I also found the dress I wore gave me a very cute baby bump. Not just cute but also noticeable. It was cool to see because I literally wore this dress just before getting pregnant and there was definitely no bump. 


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