Week 11 Pregnancy Update

11 weeks down just 2 more for this first trimester to go! 

Baby is the size of a lime coming in at 1.61 inches and .25 oz. It’s crazy to know baby went from a strawberry to a lime in just a week. To me that’s a visually difference that is crazy big to me. It’s a visual that makes me smile wider than ever!

This week I think has been pretty easy. As I sat down to write out how the week went I found it was relatively boring and relaxed. So this weeks post will probably be a tad short. 

Just like the last few weeks I’ve had off and on nausea and vomiting. I did notice I throw up shortly after waking in the morning and shortly before bed at night. Nausea is off and on all day. 

This week I think started the feeling of being exhausted. I’m not sure how I’ve stated it the last few weeks but it was nothing like this week. I think looking back I was really tired but it transitioned from tired to very tired and now exhausted. It’s been a different feeling that’s for sure. 

I still have my cough and I find that I think it might play a part in just being out of breath. (Going into week 12 I finally got a pregnant safe cough syrup). It’s nothing bad it’s just more of a constant bother that isn’t going away. And the more I cough the more I can’t catch my breath. Doc said he thinks all is fine I just need to get my cough gone. He also said if I keep walking and swimming it’ll help keep my cardio up and it should help fighting off the cough. Or at least that’s how I heard it. 

This week I’ve also noticed true thirst. I wake up every morning and after every nap with a dry mouth needing a drink. Plus I find I’m able to get a good amount of liquid in because I’m almost always thirsty. That’s probably a good thing since previously I hadn’t been able to drink anything really. Let’s just hope the ability to drink liquid more keeps up. 

Craving this week have been the same. Blue Gatorade, cheezits, eggs. Added this week I really wanted meat loaf and French fries. I have noticed I’m starting to want a variety in my Gatorade flavors but still going strong for Gatorade. 

This week I worked on my registry a little. I’m really looking into safe and recommend travel systems. I want a good, durable, safe car seat that links with the stroller. I’ll take suggestions! I’m also looking into a baby rocker sleeper thing. I’ve wanted a mamaroo but those are expensive and I’m trying to see if there is something I’d like more and be more affordable. I’ll take suggestions on that too! Honestly I’ll take suggestions on anything baby registry and baby needed items! 

What was your week 11 experience?

Talk soon,



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