Nursery Ideas

I love Pinterest! One of the many reasons is because I can start thinking of nursery ideas for this baby biscuit growing in my belly! Here are my top 5 girl, boy, and gender neutral ideas. And to be honest none of these are in a particular order. 

Let’s start with Girls

1. Rose Garden. So I basically want light pinks and reds with accents of green (maybe mint?) to go with the vines to the roses. A simple plush girly look. 

2. Mint and Lilac. Nothing special. Maybe a simple pattern. But mostly just a light refreshing mint and lilac. 

3. Princess. Nothing better than a classic theme. Maybe a couple cute posters of the classic princesses. However maybe cut out the frills and hot pink? Then as the child grows up create a collection of female costumes. 

4. Vintage Glam. Maybe some silver or gold with a little cream. Add in a pop of color like light purple or light pink. But keep it vintage. Or maybe even a deep purple or maroon. 

5. Ocean mermaid. Why not some corals or sea foam green. Maybe not mermaids per say but a girly ocean look for sure. Add in some sea shells and cute little sea creatures with a painted mermaid or so. It would be very cute. 

*I’m not a big pink fan. So the closest to pink I’ll get is light pink or coral. 

Now onto the Boys

1. Superheroes! Nothing more simple than that. Maybe some blues and reds a little bit of green. Or maybe just simple light blue or green with pops of the bolder color. Again as the child grows up collect all the male related costumes. 

2. Nothin but a jungle. All those ferocious animals turned into cute animated animals. Blues and greens. 

3. Outside space. (Outer space). Rocket ships and stars. Blues and reds?

4. Star Wars (husbands request). Greens maybe. 

5. The ever classic sports theme. Basketball, baseball, football, and hockey. 

*Basic blues and greens. 

I’m stereotypical when it comes to my gender colors. Pinks and purples for a girl. Blues and greens for a boy. 

Time for the neutral nurseries. 

1. Nightmare before Christmas. (Per my husband request). I found a cute gender neutral theme for this. It was definitely an interesting find. I probably would never go for it but my husband thought it awesome I found it. The biggest reason it’s gender neutral is all you do is swap the main color between blue, pink, yellow, or any color in between. 

2. You are my sunshine. Yellows and grays and the sun. Don’t forget the smiley faces. This was a dear song to me. It’s be a super cute theme don’t ya think?

3. Dr. Seuss or just a book theme. Fill the room with great books and pictures of cute but great quotes. Inspirational quotes. 

4. Head in the Clouds. A sheep look. You know like counting sheep before bed. Hang cute sheep and clouds all over. Grays and dusky gray blues. 

5. The cow jumped over the moon. So basically follow that cute song. Some pale yellows and grays. A moon and stars. Can’t forget the cute cow and his fork, spoon, and plate friends. 

I’m not sure any of these ideas will be used but they are the strongest candidates. Or at least they are the ones my husband and I can agree on. 

Do any of you have other cute nursery ideas? What did you do for your children’s nursery?

Talk soon,



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