Chicken Parmesan 

Pregnancy craving alert!

Let me start off with I don’t really measure anything. It’s pretty much a trial and error process. However it isn’t hard to eyeball what you think is best. Also feel free to mix and match all you do!

The first thing my dad always said when cooking was “Marena gather your mise en place…. You don’t know what it means? Look it up!” I’ll save you the time and tell you it just means gather all your supplies before you start. He always said this helps make sure you don’t forget a step or realize you’re missing something after your hands are messy. I have two mise en place just because I don’t want my cold stuff sitting out while the chicken bakes.

Set #1 

Food items!

4 Chicken tenders (Feel free to use what you like. This is what my husband loves so it’s what I use. I also use frozen mean I just defrost it making sure not to cook the chicken).

Flour about a cup. (This varries on the amount and thickness of your chicken. In the end I had just a tad to much but I also asked my husband to get it for me so that was my fault).

2 eggs. (Again you may need more based on the chicken. I also found with 4 tenders I really only needed 1 egg).

1 cup bread crumbs (You can totally make your own or get seasoned. Mine is just plain).

Dash of Italian seasoning and Chile powder. (I only used this because my break crumbs were plain).

Dash of Mrs. Dash chicken seasoning (this is to season the chicken so if you’d rather just use salt and pepper then go for it).

Good helping of Parmesan. (Fresh or bottle like I used).

Non food items!

Napkins (trust me! Fingers get messy).

A fork. 

Baking dish of your choice. (I’m not sure on the size of mine but it doesn’t need to be super think or thin. Just go with what you have).

3 bowls. (I like them to be a little bigger however I used small ones because my bigger dishes were washing).

*So normally chicken parm is pan fried to get a good crisp if you do this skip the baking dish. I have been baking more because with my pregnancy I get tired standing to long. 

Let’s get cooking!

  1. Pre heat oven to 400 degrees. 
  2. Mix the seasonings and the bread crumbs if you want to add extra seasoning along with your good helping of parmeasan!
  3. Season the raw chicken
  4. Dip chicken and fully coat with flour. 
  5. Transfer to egg and fully coat. 
  6. Transfer to bread crumbs and really make sure it’s coated!
  7. Place in baking dish with even spaces. 
  8. Bake chicken on both sides 8-10 minutes. (Or pan fry the same way).

* If you don’t have a big enough dish you’ll make a mess. Or maybe It’s just me who makes messes. 

*Dont mind the peanut butter or zip lock bag. After I cleaned up I planned to make my husbands lunch. He seemed to think I’d forget to make it so he sat it on the table. 

Set #2

Any pasta you want (mine is from Cosco. Use the amount that works for your family).

Any pasta sauce (again use the right amount for your family).

1/4 of the bag mozzarella (use more or less with what you like. This was a tad much but my husband is a cheese fan. You can also use provolone or any cheese you like).

Optional would be garlic bread. (I want to say I made it myself Bu after making the rest of the food I want to be lazy so I use Texas toast).

Let’s get cooking!

  1. Cook pasta based on package. 
  2. Bake bread 8-10 minutes. 
  3. Put cheese on chicken and bake for 3-5 minutes. (You can also do the cheese during the last 5 minutes of chicken cooking. I do it this way because I want to be able to check the chicken is fully done. It’s pregnancy thing I’m sure I could put it on but I get nervous).
  4. Heat sauce. 

*If you pay attention and start cooking the pasta and bread at the right time while the chicken is baking everything can be done at the same time!

Here is the finished product!

The best part of my night is when my husband said he LOVED it and would eat it again. He’s a picky eater. 

How do you make your chicken parm? If you try it out let me know how it goes!

Talk soon,



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