Planning the Announcement!

Our parents, siblings, a few friends, and Thomas’ while ship know we’re expecting a baby but that’s all. So I’ve been planning the Facebook official announcement along with a special announcement for a small family get together with my close family. (Should I make a mailed announcement? For like the people who wouldn’t necessarily see us or those who don’t have Facebook to see)?

So I’m actually heading home for two weeks to take my national phlebotomy exam and I’m pairing with with telling the rest of my family I’m pregnant. My husband doesn’t really have a ton of close family besides his parents who would want a special announcement in person that I’m pregnant. My family on the other had are people that would want a personal announcement. 

So just about a week after I fly in my aunts, cousins, and grandparents are meeting to do a small family dinner. They are under the impression we are meeting because this will be the last time I’m home till next summer since we’re moving to Hawaii. (However that’s not the case I’ll be home at Christmas). 

I plan to wear a loose fitting flowing shirt (longer sleeves) paired with leggings. Then I’m going to break off change into a special shirt (short sleeved) and come back saying something cute. I thought about saying “is it just me or is it hot” or “the baby was getting hot”. Something along those lines. (I have a week to figure it out and ideas are acceptable).

Now even though my husbands family won’t be upset they are not finding out in person but I do have a plan. Basically they’ll all see the announcement on Facebook (although I’ll call his grandparents). Then that weekend I’ll be taking the drive down to visit where they will be able to see me and the bump in person. This works for me because I’ll also get to snag some yummy food! (I love his families cooking).

On to the Facebook announcement! This is simple I’ll use my special shirt and post a picture of Thomas and I on fb. In fact we already took those photos. I wish I could have waited longer to take the photos but unfortunately he goes to work tomorrow and I won’t see him again (besides at our ultrasound) until I get back from my trip home. I’ll share those photos with you early!

This is also the shirt I’ll put on at my family announcement. 

I also found a maternity small will be just perfect probably though the whole pregnancy. I put it on and it practically hung half way to my knees. It’ll look great with leggings but need to be tucked in with jeans. 

Ideas to make this announcement are always appreciated!

How did you announce your pregnancy? Did you announce to parents at the same time as everyone else or separate? What about of Facebook?

Talk soon,



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