Week 12 Pregnancy Update

Oh this week has been pretty nice. Honestly it may have been the best week!

Baby biscuit is the size of a plum!         2.09 inches and .49 oz. baby is growing! Makes me very happy (and excited for my ultrasound during week 13).

Symptoms this week are still pretty much the same. Nausea has lessened a ton although it still shows up! I’ve had a ton more emotional moments. Especially ones that fly in out of nowhere and Make me feel like I’m going crazy. My energy level has spiked and that’s awesome. The only downside is it rained a ton during week 12 making it hard to get out of the house to go for walks. This week I’ve also noticed facial skin breakouts and just less than flawless skin. I just noticed it but my husband says he saw it start about two weeks ago. Then he quickly said in a cute way not bad way. (None the less I wasn’t a happy momma or wife). I have also noticed a cute (but small) bump with everything I wear even when not tucked in!

This week is the first week I experienced true thirst for water. I would wake up from 30 minute naps or 8 hours deep sleeps practically choking my mouth was so dry. I have struggled to drink water because it’d make me sick so I kind of gave up. One day however all I had was water by the bed that my husband brought in so I was forced to keep coughing and choking or just drink the water. I sucked the whole glass down quicker than I think I’ve drank anything. After I didn’t get sick I started keeping water near by with hopes I can slowly add real water to my diet. My luck it’s worked!

This week I still love mashed potatoes as often as possible! Taco salad and Doritos have also been a craving! I actually ate a whole family size bag of Doritos this week. I got them for the taco salad but it didn’t last so my husband had to run out and buy more for dinner at the end of the week. This week I’ve also craved water! (I sort of mentioned this previously but I figured I should make it a craving). Orange crush has also been a nice drink and sweet tarts have been a nice treat when I want something sugary. 

So like I said this week has been pretty simple and nice. This week also hit 3 months pregnant!

How was your week 12? Some preppie consider this the last week of trimester one. Do you consider it the last week or do you wait till week 13 for the “official” last week in the trimester? (I wait till week 13).

Talk soon,



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