Favorite Fall Tradition/Activity 

I feel like everyone talks about their favorite traditions and what not as being all about Halloween and pumpkin carving. Or any other common tradition that I feel most everyone does anyways. 

Me, I love traditions that are not always common. 

My favorite tradition is spending time looking at the changes in the leaves. Even more I love laying in the yard looking at the trees feeling the fall breeze. Sometimes I feel like if I sit out in the yard long enough I can watch the colors change right before my eyes. 

A tradition my family does specifically is one final lazy boat ride. In my hometown we have this river chain that leads through a beautiful area of trees. Not to mention the beautiful colors. At the end of the river there was this beautiful (ar at least I think it was beautiful) old log mill that was recently used for electricity. I loved the old water wheel outside that mill that ran it. However in the recent years it’s burned down but it’s still beautiful. The sight has always been one to stick to my memory and never leave. 

Now those are my potentially uncommon traditions but don’t let that fool you. I still love all the common traditions. I love decorating the house and drinking apple cider. I also love passing out candy and as I child I loved finding the perfect costume. And obviously getting all the candy I could!

This year I live in an apartment but I don’t plan to let that stop me from decorating. I found a cute picture of dressing your door as a mummy and I’m excited to try it out. I’m also looking forward to finding a cute pregnancy costume. Then in the future cute childrens costumes and family costumes. 

What are your favorite fall traditions?

Talk soon,



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