Why didn’t anyone warn me?!?

Why doesn’t anyone ever warn me when you come home to visit after months of being away you’ll be busy? Who cares if it’s actually a vacation. It’s never truly a simple vacation when you go home to visit. 

Alright maybe I could have guessed I’d be busy. Especially when you come home during your old high schools homecoming week and you announce your pregnant to everyone. I just still never imagined how busy life would be or how tired I’d be at the end of the night. 

I’m headed back home for a whole month in December with my husband and I’m hoping since we’ll have more time I’ll be less busy and tired. Then again I’ll be 23-27 weeks pregnant so who knows maybe that alone will cause more tiredness. 

Honestly though I really enjoyed my time home with friends and family. I loved watching my sister thrive in her own things. It was awesome watching the big homecoming events and game. There was just so much to enjoy that I got past the busy and tired aspect. I definitely took advantage of two days to rest once I got back home. Now it’s time to buckle down and do some cleaning. (It also might have been nice to get a heads up that even though my husband says he’ll keep the apartment clean while I’m gone that’s not really true. Haha.)

Oh another nice warning might have been that while pregnant if I see someone cry it’s likely I’ll cry too. That’s a story for my week 14 update. 

One final thing. As busy as I was and as tired as I got I appreciate all the special moments I had. I’ll take a life of busy and tiredness just to spend it with the ones I love. And yes I love even the people I didn’t know because they helped create lasting memories. Oh yeah and congrats to my high school for winning homecoming! 

Talk soon,


P.s I plan to post my week 14 and 15 update soon. To go along with my busy vacation I didn’t really think about posting my updates. 


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