14 Week Pregnancy Update 

This week has been great! I went home to see family and had tons of fun announcing I was pregnant!

Baby this week is the size of a peach. Coming in at 3.39 inches and 1.50 ounces. Baby sure is growing!

This week I’ve still had nausea and I’ve still been pretty tired. Although I do have bursts of energy. I’ve also been more hungry but as it turns out not hungry enough to gain any weight yet. (That’s good and bad. Since I lost weight in the first trimester I need to gain about 3 pounds before week 18).

I’ve also found myself going to the bathroom much more. Even more than the first time I said I had an increase. I was a tad surprised I could even go to the bathroom more than before. 

This week I’ve really enjoyed pineapples, any subway, fries, water, and lots of juice. On a side note gushers are still a fave. I enjoy anything salty and a little sour. I also really enjoy my grandmas homemade beef and noodles. Honestly anything my grandma makes is a fave. 

Talk soon,



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