Week 15 Pregnancy 

This has been an interesting week. 

Baby W is the size of an orange. 4.02 inches and 2.50 ounces. 

This week the biggest issue I had was the struggle when going to the bathroom. I kept getting twinges of pain. When explaining to the doctor I said it felt like going to the bathroom through a coffee straw not a smoothie straw. Tmi I’m sorry. So since I was visiting family my doctor sent me to the ER just in case. As it turns out baby W lays right on my bladder making it a bed and uses my urethra as a foot stand. 

Cool thing I can feel my uterus way above my pelvic bone. I learned at 20 weeks your uterus is level with your belly button. Cool right?

I also found after moving around for long periods of time with no break I get short of breath. Nothing bad but I it was a good reminder to take breaks. This week was my old high schools homecoming. My sister is a junior so I ran around a lot helping her and her class get ready for the different events. As fun as it was i now realize I should take breaks once in a while. 

I’m also very hungry 24/7. There really isn’t more to say. I can pretty much snack constantly if it wasn’t so unhealthy. 

How were the first few weeks of your second trimester?

Talk soon,



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