Week 16 Pregnancy Update!

After being so busy the last two weeks and forgetting to make my updates I’m happy to be back on track. 

This week baby W is the size of an avacado. 4.61 inches and 3.50 ounces. Another one of my apps said baby is the size of a dill pickle. I still find it strange different apps compare baby to so many different things. I personally follow babies size using The Bump app on a regular basis. The other apps are just nice for other info. 

This week I really noticed my belly popped. It was pretty cool. My husband went underway recently (he’s in the Navy) and I realized my belly will really look different when he gets home. 

I’m still pretty hungry often and I usually indulge. I don’t mean I indulge in junk food I just let myself eat when I’m hungry. Although it can still be hard to eat when I can’t decide what to eat. Story of my life! Although I needed to gain 3 pounds in about 4 weeks. (If you remember my week 13 doctors appointment I mentioned why). This has been hard because even though I keep eating and often I’ve only gained about about 2 pounds. Now that’s good but that leaves me with 3 and half ish days to gain another pound. Now as much as I say it’s been hard is because I’ve checked myself once a week and I’ve stayed steady with weight. Then this week I jumped 2 pounds so maybe it isn’t as hard as I thought. I’m really just hoping my next appointment shows improvement. 😊

I had lots more energy this week. It’s still nice having energy. However I’m also still really wanting naps kind of often. I also find I enjoy getting out of the apartment as much as I can. I’m loving the fresh air! You know as long as it isn’t to hot. 

I’m also still still going to the bathroom often. Unlike last week though it’s not such an issue. Thank you baby for a break on my bladder!!

I’ve really enjoyed steak. Red meat in general has been a thing this week. I wonder if that means something? I’ve read somewhere what you crave can show if you’re missing something in your diet. It’s interesting. I’ve also really loved salsa and hummus. I could eat both all day everyday if I could. And with any salty chip! It’s the best!

Another big food craving on my plate this week has been grilled cheese and tomato soup. I actually made my husband stop to buy EVERYTHING for this dish an his way home for work. After a few times over our relationship together he now just picks up double every time because then he doesn’t stop as much. Now that’s smart especially this week because we’ve had it 3 times and I have 1 can and 4 slices of cheese left to make another dinner. 

How was your week 16? 

Or better yet how was your month 4? During this week you finally hit 4 months along!

Woot Woot 4 months pregnant! Only 5 months left!!!!

Talk soon,



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