Week 17 Pregnancy Update 

Is it common to have multiple weeks that feel as if they are exactly the same? I’m sure it is. 

This week babybis the size of a pomegranate. 5.12 inches and 5.90 oz. (I’ve always loved pomegranate juice but never eating one or even eating the seeds).

This week I’ve been extra tired. I think I’m back to pretty much sleeping 24/7. It’s actually been kind of nice. I have also done a constant amount of eating. Nothing in particular but just food. Food is like my new best friend!

I’ve gained 3 pounds in a month. (After losing 7 in my first trimester).  Do. Says in the next month I need to gain 6 or 7 more pounds. He told me and I quote “eat ice cream everyday. Eat it till I tell you to stop…. or at least indulge in all you want.” He told me since I’m healthy and don’t have extra meat on my bones (something most times I don’t agree with) he’s happy to say I can eat as much as I want. At least for a while. As far I’m concerned I will most certainly take his advice. 

I don’t think I’ve had any cravings. Actually I’m still not sure I ever have truly had a craving. At least not in the way some people have. I do have things I eat a lot but that’s probably because it’s about all I ate pre pregnancy. But I’m not sure it can count as a craving. But hey what do I know?

So this week I had a prenatal appointment where not only was I told to gain more weight but I also heard baby W’s heartbeat. Doc said it’s very strong and sounds nice. I also found out my anatomy scan appointment is the only ultrasound between week 13 and week 32. It seems very strange to go that long with one ultrasound. Makes me a tad sad. But I will hear the heartbeat every time. I think what makes me more disappointed is the paperwork the doctors office told me they will do an ultrasound every appointment. What they meant was almost every appointment but they will check the heartbeat every time. 

There is a clicking at first that kind of masks the heartbeat hard to hear but then it clears. All I could do was smile. 

How was your week 17?

Talk soon,



One thought on “Week 17 Pregnancy Update 

  1. Some weeks are definitely pretty similar! My weeks seem to be blurring together and I’m 24 weeks (ish). As for weight gain, I’d say that would be on par with what I gained…ish. From the start until week 18/19 I had only gained 3kg. I started to PILE it on and I’ve now gained 7kg at 24 weeks. As long as baby is still growing then it doesn’t really matter how much you weigh 🙂 That’s what the midwife told me. Baby is getting everything he/she needs. You’re lucky that you get another ultrasound at 32 weeks! I’m in NZ and I just had my last one at 22/23 weeks, unless I request another one myself. The heartbeat is the absolute best! I loooove that sound!


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