Week 18 Pregnancy Update 

Hey all so technically I’m week 20 but at thins point I think it’s obvious I’ll almost always be behind on my updates. 😂 So here it is week 18!

Happy Halloween! And it sure was happy because I indulged in candy. (I’m not a big sweets person and this baby hasn’t been either).

Baby is the size of an artichoke! Weighing in at 5.59 inches and 6.70 oz!

This week I ate TONS of Olive Garden soup. I actually bought a gallon of my favorite soup and I had it gone in just under a week. And any kind of salty treat. I can’t seem to find anything that matches the salty flavor I really want but chips and salsa hit the spot. 

Just like the past weeks I’ve had a hard time sleeping. Finding comfortable positions is hard and when I do get to sleep I ultimately wake up to go to the bathroom or from a very strange dream. I haven’t really dreamt of a gender like some people do. I more just go back and forth between boy or girl. What I’m really thankful for are my dreams are strange but not bad so I don’t find I wake up freaked out. Round ligament pain and a sore back have also been an annoying factor. I constantly toss and turn and find new positions to sleep in or just altogether sit relax in. (Oh the things a mom endures. But I wouldn’t change it for anything)!

There really isn’t much to talk about this week. The only major thing was my husband and his ship left for his underway. 

I also know as well as I’ve done at getting fluid in me I need to try harder at drinking water. I’m keeping myself hydrated but water goes a long way. Plus from what I hear it helps a lot with milk supply as time goes on. So it’s my goal to try harder. 

Talk soon,


P.s. I think I might have felt the baby flutter around. Twice at the beginning of the week and had a strange feeling. My mom said it was probably the baby. But I hadn’t felt it again the rest of the week. So who knows?


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