Week 19 Pregnancy Update 

Hey all week 19 was good! I spent a lot of time laying around in bed and lazy. I did spend a lot out of bed but I think maybe I layed around to much. So I’m starting off right now stating my goal for week 20 is to get out and about more!

Baby W is the size of a mango this week! 5.98 inches and 8.50 oz. 

This week I noticed my belly feels a tad more sore and stretched. I haven’t seen any stretch marks or been itchy by any means. But I do try to lotion it often to help prevent it. The stretched feeling is exactly that feeling but with a touch of hardness. My belly feels stretched and more solid. 

With that being said it makes me feel less like I’m chunky and more like I’m pregnant. That helps my state of mind when I transition into I literally officially have NO pants to wear. I even tried looking at maternity pants but I’m still just not fitting those either. And honestly I don’t much enjoy pants or even tight shirts. I swear it’s like my belly is claustrophobic and doesn’t like when stuff touches it. If I want to wear pants I wear leggings and roll it under my belly. But since I’m in So Cal I can get away with dresses. Not sure what I’ll do in December when I’m home in Michigan but at least my mom as offered to take me my first day home and try on as many pants as it takes to find something that works. 

Round ligament pain, restlessness, weird Dreams all the same as last week. This week I’ve also been pretty thirsty so it helped with my goal last week to try and get more water in me! 

I mentioned how I thought maybe I felt the baby last week. Well I still don’t know of what I felt was the baby or not because this week I didn’t feel anything like what I thought I felt last week. So it’s still a mystery to me. I was told it could take all the way to week 20 or even 22 because this is my first pregnancy. I’m not worried by any mean. I just want to feel the baby. But when I really know I’m feeling baby I’ll be very excited!!

This week has still been a chips and salsa week. I have almost ate an entire bag of family size chips. I also wanted chocolate cupcakes so I made a batch. Good thing I had small group at church and was able to share. I don’t know if I could or even if I should eat 24 cupcakes. 

In your first pregnancy (I say first because the rest usually everything happens sooner because you know what to feel and because your body is relaxed from the last) did you feel baby?

How did your week 19 go? By now did you already know baby gender?

Talk soon,



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