Week 20 Pregnancy Update 

We found out the gender of our baby this week!!!! Okay well technically the technician found out wrote it down and sealed it into an envelope. Then I dropped it in the mail and sent it to my mom. 

Well let’s get on to this week!

Baby W is the size of a banana coming in at 6.59 inches and 10.1 oz. oh my goodness getting so big!!

Baby was measuring perfect for 20 weeks! My favorite part is I got to see this little biscuit wave and suck his/her thumb. I never realized how something so simple could melt my heart so much. I started feeling biscuit on the outside of my belly. All I could think was maybe it was just my head telling my hand it feels it because I can definitely feel it on the inside. I couldn’t wait for Thomas to get home and tell me if he could feel it too. 

I eat so much! It’s crazy how hungry I am. I swear I say this every week. And water is my new best friend. Not only am I constantly eating but I find I’m constantly drinking water. Being able to drink more water makes. E happy because I know I hadn’t been drinking enough. I also find I sneeze a lot. I joke I’m allergic to this baby. I do find I have small nose bleeds as well. This week I still have a sore back and headache most of the time. It’d be nice to get some relief but I’ll put up with it if that means I have a baby out of it. I’m also finding I notice my stomach stretching. No stretch marks but it definitely feels like it’s pulling and itchy. I lotion often and that helps. 

This week I’ve still been eating tons of salty foods including chips and salsa. I still wish I could find the perfect salty food. I also ate a ton of sandwiches. I actually enjoyed putting a little chunky sea salt. But I also found there is to much sea salt sometimes. I also found I’m enjoying cherry tomatoes as long as it cooks in a pasta dish. Fruit like watermelon have also been awesome. 

This week a friend threw me a small baby shower for all my Cali friends. Even though it was small (a few people had to last minute cancel making it much smaller) it was still amazing. We tried baby food (I’m awful at guessing the fruit kinds). 

All in al this week has been amazing! I really don’t know if I have any complaints. 

Oh wait I have a sort of annoying but also funny story. My doctors office is also at the hospital. While getting my anatomy scan I thought I’d stop into the office to ask what I should take as I had a small cold for a few days and as it went on my neck was stiff. Not to mention I had a killer headache that just was t going away. As soon as the check in lady saw I was 20 weeks she refused to give me any info. Then sent me to labor and delivery. I was so annoyed because I knew it was just a cold. They like to be safe though and I guess it’s better to be safe than sorry. I sat around in labor on delivery for 3 hours being monitored. Although this doctor, midwife, and I found ourselves joking about how the check in lady could have just given me a safe medication list. I also mentioned I knew what I could take it just hadn’t been working. So in the end I listened to little biscuits heartbeat for a few hours and went home with a tad stronger medication and a diagnosis that I was already aware of. I also found out I could take tons more Tylenol than I realized. (4000 milligrams so like 2 regular strength 8 or so times).By the time I got home I was ready for bed and it was nice to finally have relief. 

Half way there!!!

How was your 20 weeks?

Did you decide to know the gender?

Talk soon,



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