Week 21 Pregnancy Update 

This week was so amazing!!!!

Baby W is the size of an endive. (It look like a lettuce or maybe corn stalk thing). 10.5 inches and 12.7 oz

I still have a sore back, sleepless nights, headaches, and allergies. My stomach still feels stretched and sore but not bad. The best part is my husband felt the baby!!!! (So it wasn’t in my head). 

I had a doctors appointment and everything is still looking good. I did have to schedule an ultrasound and fetal echo but I already knew that was coming. I have a congenital heart defect and I’m high risk so these are put in for extra precaution. But they did also find an echogenic focus in the ultrasound last week so they want to check in on that. During my first trimester I lost 7 pounds so my doc had me gain it all back. I finally have and I am now on to gain the 20-25 pounds for true pregnancy weight. 

This week I’ve loved to eat Chinese. It isn’t always nice on my stomach but it does give me a lot of the salty factor I want. Sandwiches are also high up on my list of foods. Tea has been a relatively new thing for me this week. Lipton green tea and Arizona raspberry tea have been a very big favorite. 

Oh yeah HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! This week I really thought about how thankful I am for not only my family, friends, and things in my life, I’m also very thankful for this baby! 

Talk soon,



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