Week 22 Pregnancy Update 

This week was long. Very long!

Baby biscuit is the size of a coconut. 10.9inches and 15.1 oz. 
It’s so great how much my husband feels the baby. It makes my heart feel so warm. 

This week has been all of the normal stuff sore back, sore stomach, and headaches. The other thing I have noticed is my belly has started to feel heavy. Especially after I eat. It can be very uncomfortable but it’s just nice knowing I’m helping baby grow. Cool thing I’ve noticed is when I lay on either side I feel the baby drop to that side. It’s weird being able to feel a very full side and an empty side. I’m interested in how it’ll feel when baby stops having so much room. 

This week besides wanting salty foods I’ve also enjoyed a lot of smarties. The biggest craving was for lasagna. I have a sweet husband, while I napped he went to the store and picked me up two personal sized lasagnas. I proceeded to eat both within 2 hours of each other. 

This week baby and I took an easy flight home to family for the holidays. Daddy and Marco the dog will follow later. By the time my 4 hour flight and 3 hour drive were done I was very sore and tired. I think I’ve hit a point when traveling for long periods of time are hard. Good thing this is our last long trip of the pregnancy. All we have left is the travel back to San Diego. 

This week I also met with my high risk OB and I’m officially transferred over to her. We saw the baby and all looks great. I have a heart condition so we checked baby and all looks good for baby’s heart. 

My husband and I are extra excited because next week (on my 22nd birthday) we are officially finding out the sex of the baby! I’m getting impatient. 

Talk soon,

Marena Wenzlick 


3 thoughts on “Week 22 Pregnancy Update 

  1. Just wait a few more weeks until he/she gets bigger and you can REALLY feel where they’re sitting. I have a constant hard lump in my stomach now haha I can feel exactly where he is just by a quick touch. I accidentally pushed him around a little bit too much the other night and it set him off on a huge kicking spree. It was great haha. I can’t wait to see what the sex is! You better be updating it here!

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    • marenasblog94 says:

      Haha I can only imagine how it’ll be in a few weeks. Right now I found if someone tickles my belly the baby goes into a kicking spree. And I swear it’s doing somersaults.
      I’ll update as soon as I can! I will say my husband and I just found out the sex yesterday and there will be a note about it in this weeks update!!! But I can’t update yet because we haven’t told family.


      • I’m 28/29 weeks now and I’m 5’1, so I’m running out of room haha. That happens to me too! I’ve found that if I poke or even just put my hand on my belly in a certain place then he kicks me exactly where my hand was. It’s so cool. Get to play with him before he’s even here 😊

        Ooooh yay! That is so exciting! I can’t wait 😊 I’m gonna throw it out there and guess you’re having a boy (mainly because I’m having a boy while everyone else is having a girl haha).

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