23 Week Pregnancy Update 

This week has been such an exciting week! My husband and I finally found out our baby’s gender!

My husband wants a boy but he guessed that the baby is a girl. 

I had no intuition so I guessed boy because it’s what I wanted. 

Although even for wanting a boy we would also be happy with a girl. Just like everyone else says we just really want a healthy baby. 


Alright on to the update!

This week baby is the size of a grapefruit. 11.3 inches and 1.10 pounds. Baby finally hit a pound and honestly I can tell the baby is heavier. Well I feel like my belly is heavier that’s for sure. 

This week we physically saw baby move. I thought feeling baby move on the inside was strange but seeing it on the outside was stranger. But my husband and I have been enjoying the changes. It’s great experiencing this together 

I haven’t really had any special cravings and that feels a little new. Salty foods are still good. Although I did go to my favorite restaurant for my birthday! BD’s Mongolian BBQ. 

I also found my body is still always sore but I figured that’d happen. Nothing new here. 

So all in all besides finding out the gender of our baby nothing has happened. 

Talk soon,



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