Pregnancy Hormones are Tough

These hormones are killing me. I cry at the drop of a hat and sometimes multiple times over the same things. Then I have the moments I get VERY angry (and not always at the right person) then I find myself crying then too. 

Let me share today’s drama. 

My husband, our little dog, and I have flown home to Michigan to visit with family for a while. All seems normal right? Well it was relatively normal with mild emotional moments. Until this morning. I’m not sure if I woke on the wrong side of the bed but I got up cranky. 

I came down stairs and asked my husband I me let Marco (or dog) out to go to the bathroom. When he told me no I was immediately frustrated and upset. “Why wouldn’t you put him out right away?” I yelled at him. Little did I know Marco literally walked down about 2 minutes prior to me with my husband. Then went to his water and food bowl and ate. So he obviously wasn’t dying to go out just yet. For whatever reason I’m still a tad cranky so I put him out. My anger started to subside when my mom and sister proceeded to back my husband up and tell me the parts I was missing. I calmed down and apologized because 1. I didn’t need to get upset for such a simple thing and 2. He obviously wasn’t whining to go out like he normally would. 

Now you’re probably thinking “now Marena that’s a ridiculous thing to get upset about.” It’s also followed up with you saying “don’t let your pregnancy emotions get the best of you. Nothing is ever as bad as it seems”. Or at least that’s what I was telling myself. 

You’d think that’d be the end of my emotional roller coaster right? Wrong! A few hours later my husband, sister, her friend, and I decided to go on a McDonald’s run for lunch. I was so excited everyone else wanted McDonald’s because all I really wanted was a Big Mac. (So unhealthy to my pregnancy diet but so worth it).

Anyways we all have our food and I’m checking the order. I hate when you have 5 drinks and they automatically give you the cup carrier. Ask first please. I know they are trying to help but sometimes it just isn’t helpful. 

So I was trying to maneuver everything, check the food was correct, and get comfortable. In this process I dropped an entire medium coke on the floor (let me emphasize it was ME). Not just any floor but the car floor of my parents rental car. In this moment I should have said “oh crap I spilled the Coke” but what I actually did was yell at my husband. Almost immediately I realized I shouldn’t be mad at him because I’m the one who dropped it. But at this point I’m already upset and I already made the mistake of yelling at my husband. I proceeded to then yell at him for not helping me. Again I realized immediately there really wasn’t anything he could have done to help me. It was an accident pure an simple and happened way to fast for anything to go different. By now though the damage is done and I’ve now yelled at him for two things out of his control. 

Not only did I get mad quickly I then spiraled into a crying mess because I didn’t know how to clean my mess I made in the car. Not to mention I’m upset at myself for getting so angry. So now I’m REALLY crying and just can’t seem to calm down. 

Apologies from me were made and with advice from my mom I cleaned the car. 

I then proceeded to cry 3 let me repeat 3 more times over the situation. 

In the course of this pregnancy I’ve had many emotional moments but never this many in 1 day. It’s nuts. My poor husband I’m not sure how he handles it. I’m not sure how much more I can handle. I think I prefer crying over little stupid things like a commercial or I dropped my sucker. I’ve never been crazy like this and I hate it. 

All I know is I need to figure something anything out to help tame these emotions. 

What were some of your craziest emotional moments?

Did you have anything to help you realize quicker and then help tapper the emotion before it went too crazy?

Let’s raise a glass to pregnancy emotions! Can’t live with them and obviously can’t go through pregnancy without them. 

Talk soon,



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