24 Week Pregnancy Update 

This week we announced to all our family and friends we were having a little girl! We also had our baby shower that our sisters put on for us (with help from our moms. Thanks moms)! If you saw my earlier post you’d have also seen this week (that day specifically) I had a rough emotional week. 

Baby Girl is the size of a cantaloupe. Coming in at a respectable 11.8 inches and 1.30 pounds. (Wow baby girl you sure are growing).

Goodness this baby sure likes to move around a ton. I’m good with the kicks and the jabs but man when she flips it hurts. When she wants herself know she isn’t afraid to show it. It’s funny because as much as I can’t get comfortable I think she has it worse. And she still has extra room for now. I swear she’s indecisive because she can go to being on her stomach, to her back, to sitting straight up on my left side, then sitting up on my right, and back again to any kind of crazy position. I will say it is cool to feel my belly and tell exactly what body part is where. It causes me to have such a large smile. 

When this girl moves like I said it hurts. Basically if her whole body moves positions that whole area of my belly hardens. Sometimes it hardens to the point it’s hard to move positions and I usually have to have someone (most likely my husband) rub my belly. You know how I said she likes to move from one side of my belly to the other? Well feeling the hardness travel as she moves is the strangest feeling. But like I said a few weeks ago I’d take any pain if it means I’m helping her grow. She’s to special to me not to be willing to put up with the pain. And let’s face it if I can’t handle the pain I probably shouldn’t have tried getting pregnant to begin with right? 

Now the coolest thing I’ve found is being able to physically see her kick. It’s crazy to see my belly bounce up and down. I notice it a lot when I take a bath but I notice it laying in bed or whenever I’m relaxing as well. However because I notice it best in the bath I haven’t gotten a good video of it. Another cool/cute thing is she kicks you back if you tap on my belly. My husband was tapping his thumb on my belly and she kept tapping back. It was like they were little kids on opposite sides of a door knocking and playing around. Then later this week I was holding my niece and she fell asleep on my belly. (Surprisingly it wasn’t all that uncomfortable). Every time she’d hiccup or get a hitch in her breathing so she’d shake she’d push on my belly. And again this little girl would push back. Although this time I think she was a little jealous. I’m not sure if that’s possible but it hurt more when she pushed back at my niece than it did with my husband. 

Alright enough about baby girls movements I’m sure you’re tired of reading about it. 

This week I had such an emotional week. The other day I went from being angry to crying sad in a 5 minute time span. (Read back to my previous post “Pregnancy Emotions are Tough”). Then I cried about the situation about 3 more times. I proceeded to have a few more emotional moments about unimportant things as the week progressed. I cried with worry my little dog wasn’t going to the bathroom properly. (Dang dog doesn’t like getting wet and that means he plays in the snow for a minute but then is ready to dry off. Not to mention my hometown right now is anywhere from -17 to +30 at any given time). Then I cried because I wanted pizza two days in a row but it gives me awful heartburn. Not to mention I cried no one would come to the baby shower because of the snow storm. So as you can see I haven’t really mentioned I’ve been overly emotional the past 23 weeks but Week 24 it all hit. And it hit HARD. I just hope the next 14 or so weeks left are not as rough. 

Good cravings are still anything salty and smarties. I’ve also enjoyed lots of pizza and Italian salad. I’ve also been excited to head to my father in-laws place during week 25 because I like his yummy potatoes. The basic cravings are still the same though. 

I guess that’s about all that happened this week. 

To end it with a happy note my husband and I took a few cute photos!

How was your week 24?

Did you have one week where your emotions just all of a sudden came without warning?

Talk soon,



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